• This website has returned from the dead. Spooooky. I've been working on some new work and releasing them about once every month since April.


I'm Kevin McCarty, mid-20's, based in the Triad area of North Carolina, and I received a BFA in Design from UNC-Greensboro in the Spring of 2012. This site serves as my portfolio and I'd like to thank you for stopping by.

In a general sense, I focus on making things using processes that aren't meant to make them. I have spent a good deal of my life in front of various kinds of screens for various reasons, eventually fostering an interest in glitch art and pixels themselves. My current design work has been rather dark, and within them I find the ability to achieve catharsis and meditation. I get more excited about color when taking photos, and I often edit them to include a broader spectrum of hues.

Aside from the realm of visual art, I'm a computer technician and a competitive video game player. I find myself most inspired by the idea of parallel universes, time compression, memories, the occult, space, technology, and samurai. I am a prolific concert goer, and much of my work is directly inspired by the music I listen to. I have seven adorable cats.

I'm available for photoshoots if you're nearby. Prints of my work are also for sale for a range of sizes and prices. Contact me using any of the methods below and we'll work it out!


All work is copyrighted, Kevin McCarty © 2006 - 2015. Obtain permission prior to any use.
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